Thank you, Gurwinder, these megathreads are gold.

Please keep sharing them on here for those who don't use Twitter.

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Really enjoyed this. If I can quibble with number 36, admitting one is wrong has nothing directly to do with one’s intelligence. It’s a question of humility. A smart person might be as closed off to being wrong as an idiot, but a wise person considers that he’s wrong because wisdom is intelligence wielded through virtue.

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Thank you, Bhogal, great stuff, as always. I first saw you write things on Less Wrong (or was it Overcoming Bias?) many many years ago, always followed you since. Very happy for you to see that you're reaching a ton of people and having success with your newsletter project.

Cheers 💚 🥃

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This is really great work,

You should reproduce the other five megathreads with references

For those who wanted to read the rest, you can read it without having twitter account, I suppose

Here's the URLs with chronological flow starting from Feb 7 2020

1. https://twitter.com/G_S_Bhogal/status/1225561131122597896

2. https://twitter.com/G_S_Bhogal/status/1438972527838117895

3. https://twitter.com/G_S_Bhogal/status/1492255231169679365

4. https://twitter.com/G_S_Bhogal/status/1527720869191114756

5. https://twitter.com/G_S_Bhogal/status/1545510413982474253

and the recent no6 megathread https://twitter.com/G_S_Bhogal/status/1596260183898050561

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This was a tour de force. I knew about 10 of these already. Some of the new ones to me are mind bending.

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Thanks for sharing. My father has been telling me about the Peter Principle for decades. That people are promoted to their level of incompetence.

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Yes. I don't use Twitter or most social media and likely never will. I am old and joined FB when it was new. Hard to back out. It's how I discovered YOU!

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Must admit, I found each of the 40 either useful or enriching. Thanks. - Carl Kruse

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Just eye opening 💙

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I have found my person!! Very happy I subscribed. I’m new so just now going back to your previous articles. Big wow.

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I love #15, The Do. Something Principle. I've been practicing something similar for years. When I am overwhelmed with work, I select 3 things and work strictly on those until they are completed. The 3 things are picked at random so they may be large, small, very important or almost trivial. The important thing is that they provide focus. I particularly love the statement: "Action creates traction..."

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This was absolutely brilliant. The Gambler's Fallacy is simply too much truth to bear xD. When we extrapolate it to failures in general, it still makes a lot of sense. Just because we have failed so many times doesn't mean we are likely to succeed. If we tend to think so, we'd be finding it increasingly difficult to pull the plug on decisions that are not going to succeed, right?

P.S. Please continue posting the megathreads over here as well for those of us who aren't active over twitter.

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Sunk cost fallacy? Similar to your Gambler's fallacy, in practice, but different motive.

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I first saw 21 in the book Parkinson's Law. I don't know if Parkinson originated it, but he deserves a credit.

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Thanks for the list! And, if you allow me, I would add another one: The Two Laws of Maybury which goes like this: "1) Do all you have agreed to do, 2) Do not encroach on another person or their property."

If most human beings -- whatever their religious, political or social backgrounds -- would abide by these simple two laws, wars, poverty and famine would be eradicated!

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Hi thanks for the list! And, if you allow me, I would add another one:

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