Incredible article and concept. Needs to be seen by more people! Love your stuff! I've nearly read it all at this point.

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May 3, 2022·edited May 3, 2022Liked by Gurwinder

Yep, too much information is certainly detrimental to the sane decision making, and it’s been a while we are there.

One can find an idea, opinion or theory on the internet to support whatever it is one believes. And hence, rather than being enlightened, most people are bound to have their delusions strengthened as they consume more and more information.

Truth is ever more elusive today.

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Of course! There are influencers and influencers: those who have an agenda to point the influenced towards whichever (un)worthy goal that monetizes their influence; and those who - like yourself, perhaps - who would rather point people in the direction of an enhanced understanding of how they know what they know and believe what they believe. So equipped, they are better placed to make a contribution to whatever social groups they participate in.

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Apr 28, 2022Liked by Gurwinder

L’analogie avec les étoiles est très bien vue. Personnellement cet amas d’étoiles me donnent le vertige 😵‍💫 . Au lieu de renforcer mes biais à la lecture de divers contes, je finis par ne plus en croire aucun et en même temps à tous les accepter. Je garde malgré tout mes valeurs et « mes » vérités, mais un peu comme un agnostique, et j’ai du mal à trancher. Les faits sont les faits mais les interprétations, les raisons et les conséquences sont innombrables dans de nombreux cas!

Peut-être parce que je suis du signe zodiacal de la balance😅

Thank you, you make a good job!


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May 8, 2022Liked by Gurwinder

I think that your point about sacerdotalism surviving, in one form or another, and that we are now all our own astrologers is true and not true.

In the Electronic Starfield, the priests, 'wise elders' and seers of another age are now called influencers, content creators or online commentators. Even in our personalised blue light hallucinations, it seems we cannot help but find ourselves siloed into in-groups with someone helping us interpret the dots.

I wonder if deferring to the interpreters of this novel constellation adds another layer that makes it that much harder for us to see the role we play in our own self-deception. When they are wrong, or disconfirm a position we want to hold, then the fault is theirs. The algorithms will simply direct us to a new prophet, all too happy to confirm what we want to see in the dazzling overillumination.

Good article. Thanks!

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Apr 29, 2022Liked by Gurwinder

I like this article because it aligns with my beliefs. I would like to read more articles just like this... I really do like the turn apophenia even better than appophobia. I will have to find a way to use that.

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>looked for clues to such riddles in the enigmatic patterns of nature, from half-intelligible words whispered by wind through trees, to faces sporadically appearing in clouds.

A long tradition carried over by academia of hastily rejecting the null hypotheses of things being just random noise.

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